Signs of Hearing Loss

"You Need to get Your Hearing Tested!"

If you are reading this, you likely have either been told, “you have to get your hearing checked,” one too many times, or you are concerned about your, or a loved one's, hearing. Do not despair. On average, it takes people more than seven years from the time they suspect an issue until they invest in hearing aids.

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Is Your Brain Compensating?

It is common to think you hear better than you do. Often, the brain may compensate by “guessing” at what people are saying around you when it does not know. This can have consequences both at work and at home. But don’t worry – technology has come a long way. Today’s hearing aids are minicomputers calibrated especially for your ears. They are comfortable and you can program them to meet your individual lifestyle and needs.

Not like in the old days – 21st century hearing technology

Since there are many misconceptions about hearing health, we want to clear up some myths.

Myth – Hearing aids make you look old.

Busted – Not anymore! Today’s behind-the-ear aids come in many styles and colors. In-the-canal aids are barely visible.

Myth – Everyone will stare at them.

Busted – Only if you want them to! Hearing aid designers have a big focus on style and are subtle.

Myth – Hearing aids just make loud places louder.

Busted – Part computer, part speaker, part amplifier, modern digital hearing aids differentiate between speech, background noise and music. We can calibrate them to suit your sound environment.

MythCo-workers will judge me.

Busted – Colleagues will respect you for being proactive about your health so you can function well in the workplace. Besides, if you are really worried – and there is no reason to be – we have completely in-the-canal aids that are virtually invisible. Ask EarCare Hearing Aid Centers for details.

Myth – They are too expensive.

Busted – You cannot afford not to take care of your hearing! Untreated hearing loss has associated costs, including jeopardizing your career. We make it cost-effective. The assessment is free and, over time, hearing aids cost less than your daily coffee fix. These minicomputers increase your quality of life (which is priceless) and make it easier for you to conduct your business. Some insurance plans will help cover expenses, and we have financing options. But with hearing aids, the benefits outweigh the costs!

Neither loud nor clear

How can I tell if I really have hearing loss? Know the signs:

  • People seem to mumble
  • You need to see people’s mouths to “hear” what they say
  • You (almost) always have to ask people to repeat themselves
  • Others complain that the TV is too loud
  • Conversations are hard in restaurants, shops or a car
  • Phones are hard to use, even at high volumes
  • The sound at a movie theater is too low

More importantly: if you leave a meeting without understanding what your colleagues said, speak with a hearing professional.

More noticeable than hearing aids? Hearing loss!

You may be the right candidate for custom-fitted aids that reside in your ear canal, making them invisible when worn. Other hearing aids also range in size and color and can be very cosmetically discreet. Besides being quite chic, today’s hearing aids are more high-tech, even offering Bluetooth® technology. Our hearing care professional will be happy to discuss the various options available to you. 

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