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Since 1984, we have been providing Kansans with outstanding hearing care, thorough assessments and options for hearing loss. With more than 10 offices across Kansas and an office in Ponca City, Oklahoma, we make sure that our local residents have the care they need to hear well.

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EarCare Hearing Aid Centers offers a variety of hearing devices containing high-quality, state-of-the-art technology in several styles. With every hearing aid, we promise that we will work to maximize the effectiveness of the instrument through a process of aural rehabilitation and ongoing assessments.

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Whether you have been wearing hearing aids for many years, have had a sudden change in your hearing or are concerned that you are missing what people say and just want to have a professional opinion, we are here for you.

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Finding solutions tailored to your individual needs is what you can expect with the professionals at EarCare Hearing Aid Centers. Your general well-being depends on your ability to hear and differentiate sounds. When you visit our office you can expect customized solutions based on a thorough assessment of your needs and a focus on which option works for your ears and lifestyle.

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New research is always being reported and could benefit your specific hearing situation. We also host events that promote and encourage hearing health.

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